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Mesama Ethiopia Tours is a privately owned company dedicated to the development and expansion of the tourism industry especially in a country that is rich in its tourism resources.


Nechsar National Park


Erta Ale (volcanic lake)


About Ethiopia

Ethiopia boasts its abundant gifts; thirteen months of sun shine; one can see the sun rise and the sun set all year round- that means the Ethiopian calendar has 13 months as it is mentioned in the travel tips. And as Ethiopia is situated in the equatorial region, it gets overhead sun all year round, even during the rainy season. After the rain one can see clear sky and the sun. If it is rainy and cloudy in one area, it is dry and sunny in the other. Scenic landscape: glamorous gorges, imposing peaks, lakes and rivers are abundant. →→→

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I want to say thanks again to Gebre, our Guide and Driver which made a perfect job. Thanks to his perfect English skills we had great discussions, and he was friendly and so helpful at any time. So I could recommend to everybody to go on a tour with Mesama Ethiopia Tours. I am sure that every trip with them will be well organized and a unique experience.


Wij willen Gebrehiwot Tolera, eigenaar van Mesama van harte bedanken voor zijn zorg, de perfecte auto welke altijd zeer schoon is, en zijn zorg om je vakantie of reis tot de puntjes te laten slagen.

Ewout Schurink 


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Ethiopia is a unique country with great antiquity described by several observers as the cradle of humanity and mentioned by philosophers, writers, holly books and religious persons repeatedly.


Much more is known about the historic highland city of Axum, once a great commercial center, trading via the Red Sea port of Adulis and founded perhaps 500 years


Gondar is founded by Emperor Fasilidas in 1636. The city was Ethiopia’s capital until the reign of the would-be reforming Emperor Tewodros II, also know as Thedore.

 Addis Ababa

With a population of more than five million people, Addis Ababa is not only the political capital but also the economic and social nerve centre of Ethiopia

About Us

Mesama Ethiopia Tours is a private owned company dedicated to the development and expansion of tourism industry specially in a country that is rich in its tourism recourses. Our company is staffed with multilingual and amicable personnel.

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